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 First of all, on behalf of all staff of NAM A IMS Company, thank you and wish you have a good health, success, happiness, sincere thanks to our customers who have been interested, attached to NAM A IMS during the past time.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of sending Vietnamese students and workers go to abroad to studying and working.

NAM A IMS Company was established in 2016 until now, we have achieved remarkable achievements in terms of personnel and facilities. NAM A IMS always tries its best to continuously bring to partners the best quality, profes- sional style, attitude, awareness, law compliance and foreign language training. This effort of ours has been rewarded with the praise of partners and the trust and satisfaction of students and workers when we carry out the procedures to send them abroad to work.

The long-term commitment of customers is the belief that we will send many good quality students and work to partners. NAM A IMS is pleased to continue to cooperate with partners. Our goal is: Provide the best trained students and workers in foreign languages, manners, conscious atti- tudes and always comply with the rules and laws. Once again NAM A IMS appreciates the cooperation of customers and wishes you always healthy, successful and happy!

Sincerely thank you!

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