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“Our goal is QUALITY of students and workers”

NAMA IMS Company was established in 2016 until now, we have achieved remarkable achievements in terms of personnel and facilities. NAMA IMS always tries its best to continuously bring to partners the best quality, profes- sional style, attitude, awareness, law compliance and foreign language training. This effort of ours has been rewarded with the praise of partners and the trust and satisfaction of students and workers when we carry out the procedures to send them abroad to work.

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Catalogue Profile

Catalogue Profile NAMA IMS

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Service quality

Until now, NAM A IMS has been very proud of consulting, helping, eradicating hunger and reducing poverty, winging dreams with a significant number of students and workers going to study and work in Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Korea, Algeria, European countries and other cother countries. countries with the following records:

Exercise file skill

* We always try to connect candidates with recruitment partners
* Screening of candidates that match the employer’s criteria recruit or working conditions
* Organize pre-qualification sessions, entrance exams to carefully screen candidates as well as clearly and in detail inform candidates about the study, working and living environment in the host country.

NAM A IMS is a professional company in the field of study abroad consulting, labor export and human resource supply for international markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Germny, Korea, Algeria, European countries. and other countries.

Procedures for anti-escape before going to study and work at abroad

Currently, the problem of foreign workers fleeing is one of the burning problems for many labor export companies.

To limit this situation, NAM A IMS Company has commitments not to run away while studying and working abroad, in the following ways:

  • Pay an anti-cheat fee aka a deposit
  • Working and signing an anti-escape contract with the law office and NNAM A IMS Company

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