Year-end party to look back on the year at Thang Long OSC

On January 4th, Thang Long OSC held a year-end party to reflect on the business activities of 2019 and welcome the new year 2020. The year-end party was held at the Thang Long Japanese Language Education Center in an atmosphere of both solemnity and conviviality.

Ngo Ba Quet, Managing Director of Thang Long OSC, announced 2019 business performance and 2020 goals. Outstanding employees were awarded for outstanding achievements and contributions related to company operations over the course of the year.

In addition to policies to protect and support workers’ rights, Thang Long OSC has been able to enhance its competitiveness by improving facilities and improving the quality of education, thus expanding its market.

In order to dispatch excellent trainees, Thang Long OSC attaches great importance to the steps from recruiting trainees to training them.

Apprentice quality is the primary goal of Thang Long OSC. We always have pre-interviews so that we can select the best applicants for the final interview with a Japanese company. In order to meet the requirements of the job, Thang Long OSC trains the trainees on the necessary knowledge, Japanese language, and Japanese manners before leaving the country.

In recent years, Thang Long OSC has delivered 1,000 high-quality talents to our customers, and has been highly trusted by customers in Japan and other countries. Without being satisfied with the status quo, we will continue to devote ourselves to earning the trust of each of our stakeholders.

With the aim of becoming the top among all sending agencies in Vietnam, all actions are based on the policy of Thang Long OSC. In order to build a brand, we fulfill the wishes of both the trainee side and the Japanese company side. We search for suitable jobs and jobs that require reasonable costs for trainees, and send trainees who have not only specialized knowledge but also good consciousness to Japanese companies.

Thang Long OSC would like to be a cooperative and reliable partner with domestic and foreign companies.

Looking back on the past year, I have mixed emotions. 2019 has been a successful year for some things we did and some things we didn’t yet. As we enter 2020, I hope that Thang Long OSC will continue to grow! It will bring more job opportunities to Vietnamese workers.


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